About: Fursuit TV is a monthly internet broadcast.
The stream will be live on internet and stream sample videos containing fursuits/animal costumes
The goal is to entertain fursuit fans by having them watching
old and new fursuit material and bring back some fursuit memories,
and also get them to discover rare fursuit material that they didn't even know existed :)
IRC Chat Channel: The #fursuittv channel on anthrochat will be open for viewers to talk about what they see,
and any topics / themes the video can bring to them :) Don't miss the fun during the show.
Watching the broadcast replay is fun but it's even more fun watching it 'live' while beeing in the IRC channel and sharing the fun with other fans.
Next Show: -
Duration: The show takes place once per month (unless specified otherwise, every 1st saturday of the month)
and is around 1 hour long
Duration and period can be adjusted as needed (anniversary shows are longer for example)
Sources: - conventions
- movies, series
- commercials
- personal videos
- maybe live video for later ;)
- feel free to send your contributions !